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Welcome to Lockshank



Lockshank® provides the simplest, most efficient method available of dealing with an enlarged knuckle, no matter what the cause. It opens easily and locks securely. Our patented design opens fully to accommodate any knuckle size.


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Why do you need a Lockshank?

We understand the frustration of trying to fit your favorite ring over an enlarged knuckle.

A Lockshank® will let you comfortably wear your ring again.
Retailer Information

Recommend Lockshank and help your customer's wear their cherished rings again.
You can incorporate a Lockshank into nearly any ring.
A new ring, a custom design, or a retro-fit.

Installation is a simple process. If you can install a half-shank, you can install a Lockshank. Our shanks come in numerous size and width combinations, with the option of CAD. Allowing you to easily achieve an optimal fit.
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