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Come to the rescue of a customer’s frustrating situation by recommending and installing Lockshank. With the extensive size and width combinations available and the option of custom CAD, nearly any ring can integrate a Lockshank. Lockshanks come in 10k, 14k, and 18k Gold, Platinum and Palladium White Gold.

We work with you and your goldsmith to install the best fit possible. If your store does not have a preferred goldsmith, our expert installers are here to do the job.

It’s easy to determine the best size of Lockshank for your customer:

First, measure a customer’s finger behind the knuckle. Use a sizer that will open, allowing you to measure for a good fit without going over the knuckle. Lockshank is happy to supply you with Multisizers. If you are not familiar Multisizers, they are a zip-tie style sizer that works well to determine customer’s size without involving the knuckle.

Lockshanks come in whole finger sizes unless a custom. If customer measures a size and a half, that can be easily be adjusted during the installation.

The second measurement needed is the width of the shank at the halfway point on the side. Standard Lockshanks come in half millimeter widths. This provides the goldsmith with enough margin to file and fit to customer’s ring. We recommend ordering the next half size up.

At Lockshank we aim to keep turnaround time to a minimum. Once an order is placed it will ship in 3-5 working days. Custom CAD and Platinum Lockshanks are typically 2-4 weeks.

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